As a Celebrant, I am warm & relaxed & with my ceremonies, I aim to match the style of each couple. Whether you want an informal wedding with some humour or a more formal ceremony; whether there are hundreds of guests or just a few, I can help your ceremony dreams become reality.

After the legalities have been dealt with at our first meeting, we can start developing your ceremony.
So come to that meeting with your thoughts & ideas. Tell me about yourselves & what things are important to you as a couple. Let’s make this an enjoyable process.

I will then create a draft ceremony for you using information that you have given me & email this to you. I encourage you to give feedback & we can edit the draft so that it becomes just what you want. I provide you with suggested readings – these may be in the form of a poem or an excerpt from a novel & can really enhance a ceremony.

I can also give you information about Rituals such as Ring Warming, Hand Binding & Candle Rituals (to name a few) that can also be incorporated into your ceremony if you wish.
Let me know if you will be requiring music to be played on my excellent PA system or if you will be having live music played.

Before the wedding day I like to have a rehearsal at the venue with as many of the bridal party as possible. This helps to reduce nerves as we can see where everyone needs to be & we can practice using the microphone. This is also the time when the Declaration of Marriage form will be signed by the couple.

On the day of the wedding, my husband & I arrive about an hour before the wedding to set up the sound system & if any of “the readers” were unable to attend the rehearsal, we give them a quick practice in using the microphone.

Be involved in the process of writing your ceremony by giving me lots of information about what you want & don’t want.

Leave yourselves plenty of time for the development of the ceremony – then it is one less thing to think about as the big day gets closer.

I like to finish all of the ceremony at least two weeks before the wedding day.

If you have a couple of people doing Readings, make sure they are happy to do it – not everyone is comfortable standing in front of a lot of people. And think about whether they are able to carry out the reading well, it takes a bit of practice.

Make sure you have two witnesses over the age of 18 to witness the official documents on the wedding day.